American Handgunner Giveaway
Okay friends, now you have a chance to own a really nice Harrison Design customized Springfield Mil-Spec from American Handgunner. You can enter their free Handgun of the Month Giveaway by visiting their website at and clicking on the "Giveaway" button, or simply by following the link below:

Click here to enter the American Handgunner Giveaway.

Good luck and hope one of you wins it.

At the present, I am not accepting small jobs, other than installation of Harrison Design sights and trigger jobs utilizing Harrison Design ignition parts, so I can concentrate on my waiting list of full-house customs. I hope to return to normal full service in the future, but estimate it may be 2014 or later. Please check back often to see my current status.

Harrison Design Extreme Service Slide Stop
I am pleased to announce the addition of the Extreme Service Slide Stop to the Harrison Design line of parts for your 1911 pistol. They will be available in both blued carbon steel and natural stainless steel in calibers .45 ACP as well as .38/9mm/.40/10mm. Extreme Service Slide Stops are CNC machined from steel forgings, then heat treated for a long service life. The dimensions and shape of the lock-back lobe insures correct operation and should be a proper fit on correctly dimensioned frames. The unique arched design of the thumb shelf affords a non-slip purchase if one needs to lock back their slide during a malfunction clearance.

This part is available from the Harrison Design web store for $52.00.

Harrison Design Carry Groove Grips
Designed to be the best grip for use on your concealed carry 1911, Carry Groove grips fill the need for a grip that can offer extreme traction on the grip frame when your hands are wet, sweaty or bloody. Carry Groove grips also have the attribute of being non-abrasive and snag free to concealment garments. The grips feature a series of five vertical grooves that allow the skin on your hands to extrude into the grooves and give you a rock-solid firing grip. The displacement of your skin into the grooves is the same principle in operation as grip panels using a rough, pinecone like texture. They just don’t leave your hands hurting at the end of the day. If you need to shift your grip to drop a magazine or work around a barricade, once you relax your hands, Carry Groove grips allow that shift to occur with a sure-footed ease.

Carry Groove grips are manufactured to my specs by the renowned grip maker, VZ Grips. They are made in black G-10 and in models to fit Government and Commander size pistols, Officer’s ACP and Compact size pistols, the Springfield EMP, pistols with the Ed Brown Bobtail modification, a square bottomed model for full size frames equipped with S&A style mag wells.

This part is available from the Harrison Design web store for $65.00.