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Barrel Bushings

Radial Bore Barrel Bushings for Gov't Models and Commmanders


To order - you need to know your Length (Gov't Model with 5" barrel or Commander with 4 1/4" barrel), Material - (Blue or S/S) and your barrel's O.D at the muzzle - (.579", .580", .581" or .582"). 

You will need to measure your barrel's O.D. (just behind the muzzle where the bushing sits when in battery) with a micrometer, or at least an accurate dial caliper. Then choose the bushing that you need. If you have measuring equipment that measures to the tenth of a thousandth (0.0001") and it tell you that your barrel measures to .5805", then either order a .581" bushing or be prepared to reduce the diameter of your barrel to accept the .580". Do not remove material from inside the bushing, as that will damage the radial ring.

All bushings have an O.D. of .701".


See how the Radial Bore Bushing works

 Close Up   and   Bushing & Barrel