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BP-001 Base Pad - TEMP Out of Stock

Base Pad for welded base Tripp mags + other brands

I'm proud to offer a super high quality base pad to compliment my Tripp magazines that have a flat welded floorplate. They can also be installed on any 1911 magazines with welded floorplates. These extra-tough composite base pads protect the 1911 magazine bases from damage when you drop them during competition or tactical exercises. The added length makes it easy to slam a fresh magazine home.

The low-profile design and black color are perfect for weapon concealment and the smooth surface allows for quick, smooth draw without the hassle of snagging on clothes.

The hole spacing on my base pads is .500” center to center and I think you’ll find that’s the same as most every currently produced 1911 magazine that has threaded holes. Be aware that not every magazine has fully cut threads in the floor plate. You may need to chase the threads with a 4-40 tap before threading the screws in. My screws have some self-threading characteristics, but are not strong enough to cut fresh threads in a floor plate.

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