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Full Length Guide Rod

FLGR for Gov't Model & Commander

Without getting into the whole debate of why you'd want a Full Length Guide Rod vs GI Guide Rod, I decided to offer both. I'll write a blog post and tell you the pros and cons of each one.

These stainless steel one-piece full length guide rods are top tier units. They come with a matching stainless steel spring plug which has a long nose that matches the flange thickness of my Radial Bore Barrel bushings. The guide rod flanges are correctly shaped and sized as well as having a proper radius around the flange's periphery. They are also correctly relieved so they clear the barrel feet and link in operation. The guide rods are also drilled for a take down pin, assuming you want to use the take down pin method of disassembly and your slide's spring tunnel is machined to accomodate it.

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