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Getting Started

Please read this before you put anything in your shopping cart.

To new customers, registering and activating an account –

             Right up front - you do not have to register to be able to shop at Harrison Design. Guest Check Out is available to you and you don't have to do anything other than make your selections to the shopping cart and follow the checkout steps from there. I do recommend that you sign up for the newletter to get email notices for sales that we have on occasion, but that's your choice too.

            Registering will save you time on future purchases, will confirm that your email address that you give us is accurate and valid and will give us full contact info for you, so we can serve you better, should any question arise as we process your order.

            The following was written to help you register and activate your account with Harrison Design and walk you through your first purchase, with the intention being to make your first experience with Harrison Design a good one. It's really pretty simple if you just read the instructions and follow them. 

            To be able to purchase goods from this web store, you must Register on the web store. Guest purchases are not enabled so we can better serve you. To Register, find the link in the top right corner of the Home Page that says “Register” and click it.

            A new page will open, and you will see several fields that ask for information. The only things that you must answer here are your first & last name, your email address and you’ll have to make up a password and confirm it. You will get to add your address info later on.

            Important – please spell your name and email address correctly! Really!

If you want to fill in any of the other fields feel free, but I have no need for them. Please do not click the box that subscribes you to the newsletter. I don’t use that one. You’ll get a chance to subscribe later.

When you reach the bottom, click the box beside where it says “I’m not a robot” and then click Register. Then a new page opens, and you’ll see this message –


Your registration has been successfully completed.

You have just been sent an email containing membership activation instructions.




                You now need to open your email account that you registered with. Give it a few minutes to download new messages. Find an email from Harrison Design & Consulting, Subject – Email Validation. It may be in your inbox as normal, or depending on how your security settings may be set, the email may have been sent to you Spam file or Junk file, or who knows where. If your email client has a search function, that may be easiest – search for Harrison Design. Most folks find in the regular inbox.

               Once you have found the email, open it and activate your account by clicking the blue “click here” link. Then you can go back to the web store, click the Continue button and your account will be active. If you cannot find the activation email, please send an email asking for activation help to or call us at 770-419-3476 and we can help you get it activated. 

               You will be taken back to the store’s Home page, where you can begin shopping, adding items to your Shopping Cart. Each time you add an item to your cart, you will be taken to the cart, where you can see everything you have selected. At any time, you can remove something by clicking the box beside it underneath the heading Remove and then click the Update button. You can see a cost subtotal on the lower right, if we have a sale going on using a Discount Code, you would enter it in the Discount Code field on the lower left. When you have everything you need, click the Checkout button in the lower right.


              The next page that opens is where you fill out the address that your credit card monthly bill goes to. Again, spelling is vital for the package to get to you as well as passing security checks that happen during credit card processing. When you have filled in all of the fields and have looked close to confirm correct spelling, click Next at the bottom of the page.

             The next page is for your Ship To address. Click the orange button that says SHIP TO ADDRESS in the top left if you want your package to go to your billing address, or you can change it to a different ship to address if you need to and then click the Ship To button.

             The next page is for your shipping options. Pick the shipping method that you prefer. Scroll down and you can see a summary of your order and if you are satisfied, click Next.

             On the next page, you will enter your credit card info. Again, a caution of accuracy with entering this data. We frequently get declined credit card transactions which were nothing more than a transposed number and then we have to get in touch with the customer to figure out what the problem is. And of course, this is the guy who doesn’t answer his phone, his voice mail is full, didn’t enter his email address correctly and eventually, we just have to set the order aside until calls in, a little hot under the collar, wanting to know when we are going to get his order shipped that he placed two weeks ago?

            On the last page, you will have one final chance to review your order and confirm it. Once that is done, your order is sent to us, it will be pulled, checked, packed, invoiced and your card charged.