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Retro rear sight - Gunsmith style

Even with offering both a square notch and a U notch for just about all of my rear sights, there is always someone wanting a slightly different notch size of configuration. To address those needs, I am offering my rear sights in a "G" (Gunsmith) configuration with everything done except the notch. Now you have a clean slate to work from to acheive the sight picture that is perfect for you.

The Retro rear sight does everything that sights costing many times more do, in a package that fits the original 1911 USGI spec dovetail. Like all Harrison Design sights, the Retro has a flat rear blade surface with horizontal serrations machined at 50 lpi to eliminate glare. The outer corners are rounded to eliminate snags and abrasions. The front face is designed to allow one-handed manipulation of the slide. The Retro rear sight is .320" tall, allowing adequate height for effective combat use.  Originally designed by Ted Yost with design enhancements by Harrison Design, the Retro is the perfect rear sight whether you're building a "Retro" custom or looking for a full-featured, moderately priced rear sight that you don't need special machining capabilities to install.

Custom sized square notch or U notch machined into a HD-003-G to your specs available for $30. If you are interested, please email john@HarrisonCustom with your needs before ordering.

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