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HD-007-S Extreme Service Rear Sight

Extreme Service Rear Sight, plain black

"I wish you'd make a fixed rear sight to fit my Colt without it hanging off the rear of the slide." I've heard that from a lot of Colt owners who want to get a rear sight on their Series '80 SCGM or Gold Cup that doesn't overhang the rear of the slide and block access to the hammer.

As a work-around, I'd modified my HD-006 rear sight to fit flush with the  rear of the slide for several years, but have never been 100% satisfied with the appearance. They worked great, but you couldn't do a 3-dot night sight pattern in them and they just looked a little bit out of proportion compared to my other rear sights. So I had to do something about that.

CAD designed and CNC 3-D machined specifically to fit the Colt Series '80 pistols mounting a BoMar clone rear sight like the current production Gold Cup and Special Combat Government Model.  The HD-007 allows you the option of replacing your snaggy and breakage-prone adjustable rear sight with an Extreme Service fixed rear sight with features better suited to tactical and self defense use. This sight features a rugged one-piece design. Sharp, snaggy corners have been eliminated by the fully radiused design.The forward face of the blade has a squared-off shoulder that allows properly trained personnel, one-handed operation for malfunction clearance. Faster target acquisition is possible, thanks to a wider rear notch of .140" x .125", allowing more visible light into sight picture. The sight’s design allows full range of windage adjustment in each direction. CNC machined from bar stock and Made in the USA! 

Does NOT fit Kimber pistols with factory-installed adjustable sights.

If you are uncertain if your pistol has BoMar style sights, please contact me at and I'll be glad to help!
Please Read and Print Out Installation Instructions and Zeroing / Locking Down Instructions, located in the Instructions Section

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