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HD-012 Front Sight Blank, Std. Novak Pattern

For Novak front dovetail cut

Re-designed for 2021, my HD-012 Front Sight Blank for the popular Novak 1911 front sight cut has been improved over many of the sight blanks on the market today.

To increase the durability of the front sight, the transition from the blade to the dovetail is machined with a radius on each side of the blade to strengthen the sight's integrity.

The HD-012 is dimensioned to the correct Novak pattern offset of the blade to the dovetail's centerline, so you don't get the blade hanging off the front end, or mismatched with the rear end.

Dovetail dimensions are also true to Novak spec, 65° x .330" x .075" with a blade dimension of .280" tall and .125" wide.

The hole for the 1/16"vertical roll pin has not been drilled. We find that there is a pretty wide disparity of hole locations found in slides already cut for the Novak dovetail. If the hole is pre-drilled in the sight blade, your chances of a mismatch with the hole in the slide are pretty good. This allows you to locate and drill the roll pin hole in the blade to match the existing hole in the slide.

CAD designed and CNC machined from 4140 carbon steel. Black Oxide finish. This sight blank makes a great basis for your custom front sight made to your specs.

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