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HD-206-9mm Extreme Service Firing Pin Stop for 9mm 1911s

Extreme Service Firing Pin Stops for 9mm 1911s. In both Blued and Stainless, Standard Profile and Shortened for the Springfield LPA sight cut.

This is your firing pin stop if you have a 9x19 caliber 1911, especially those with Gov't Model slides. The Extreme Service firing pin stop is CNC machined out of an oil-quenching tool steel that was chosen for a balance of impact and wear resistance.  GI hardness is 44-50 and we typically shoot for the middle of that range, 46-48 Rc.

The Extreme Service FPS is  made .480" wide so it can be fitted to your slide and extractor to prevent extractor "clocking". It has chamfered fitting pads on each side to make your job easier and the FPS fit better into the slide.

It has a maximum sized radius machined on the bottom rear corner to make it easier for the 9mm cartridge to open the slide. It reduce the sluggish feel that many 9mms have.

This firing pin stop is configured for Series '70, 9mm Commander and smaller models, plus 9mm  Gov't models. 

The things that make a Harrison Design firing pin stop better - 

1) H-D fps are made in all varieties and materials possible on a 1911 so you don’t have to make extra machine cuts to get a real Commander S-70 configuration, for example. Or a .45 Gov’t S-80 that matches up fully to the end of the disco rail for another.
2) The topmost radius is left at USGI dims instead of just running them out into the extra wide side flats. This results in less shaping of the top radius to get the fps to seat all the way up into the slot.
3) The sides are made as fitting pads and the back edge has a nice chamfer to make it easier to fit to the slot and the extractor.
4) The sides are made to the correct thickness so they will go into the extractor slot without extra filing.
5) The bottom hammer-cocking radius and a 3 degree top angle are already cut.

ALSO AVAILABLE - HD-206-LPA  with shortened top for the Springfield LPA sight cut in Blue and Stainless.

Extreme Service Firing Pin Stop for 9mm 1911s, blue
Extreme Service Firing Pin Stop for 9mm 1911, S/S