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HD-210 .45 firing pin

Extreme Service firing pin, .45 .091" dia.

Firing pins do wear out. I've seen it on pistols that have seen a lot of use from both live fire and dry fire. They will get battered on the rear end, sometimes enough to alter their fit in the firing pin stop and start to stick. But more often than not, they get lost!

I'm offering these Extreme Service firing pins, CNC machined from barstock and heat treated for a long service life. They are properly dimensioned and are supplied with the proper profile for use in pistols equipped Series '80 firing pin safeties as well as the original Series '70 design. I do not recommend these for Series II Kimber pistols. Put a spare firing pin in your spare parts kit for your 1911. They can wear out and we all know that they can get lost during disassembly/reassembly.

To be sure you are buying the right replacement firing pin, select by measuring your firing pin port, or if you can't do that, measure your firing pin.


Overall Length - 2.295"

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