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Extreme Service Slide Stops

Extreme Service Slide Stop

My Extreme Service slide stops are designed and manufactured from the ground-up to offer you a rugged, durable slide stop that will serve your needs for operation, regardless of weather, temperature, gloved hands or wet hands. The thumb shelf has a unique arched shape to offer secure purchase to your thumb, should you need to manually lock back your slide either administratively, or during a malfunction clearance.

CNC machined from high alloy stainless and carbon steel forgings from one of America's most renowned firearms manufacturers, Extreme Service slide stops are then heat treated to give a long life. The Extreme Service slide stops feature a consistently dimensioned .200" diameter pin and a lock back lug that is correctly shaped and sized to fit and work properly on correctly dimensioned 1911 receivers. Available in blued carbon steel and stainless steel, in both .45 as well as .38/9mm/.40/10mm.

These Slide Stops can be Carry Beveled for a custom look and to be less abrasive to hands, holsters and concealment garments. See the picture of the blued slide stop for an idea of what you can do.

EZ-In Option

The EZ-In option adds a slot to the rear inside edge of the slide stop's lug that engages the plunger pin and guides the slide stop straight into the frame as you install the slide stop. Greatly reduces the possibility of "Idiot" scratches on your frame.

HD-400 Extreme Service Slide Stop TEMP Out of Stock
Blued, .45 ACP
HD-401 Extreme Service Slide Stop
Stainless Steel, .45 ACP
HD-402 Extreme Service Slide Stop - TEMP OUT OF STOCK
Blue - .38/9mm/.40/10mm calibers
HD-403 Extreme Service slide stop
Stainless Steel - .38/9mm/.40/10mm calibers
EZ-In option
Add the EZ-In option to a H-D slide stop