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HD-503-582 Barrel Bushing

Bunker Arms Radial Bore Barrel Bushing, Commander, S/S .582" I.D.

The Bunker Arms Custom Radial Bore barrel bushing is an exclusive design taking the timeless 1911 barrel bushing and enhancing it with today's technologically advanced machining processes. 

The premise behind this design was to utilize today's technologically advanced machining processes to simplify one of the main challenges faced by custom 1911 builders; achieving a zero tolerance lock-up at the muzzle without any barrel springing. Instead of a traditional straight bore bushing design which requires a wedge style lock-up, the radial bore bushing has a carefully calculated radiused bearing surface to allow full contact with the barrel in any position, and throughout the entire cycle, improving accuracy and reliability.



Available in lengths for both Government Model and Commander; in both blued carbon steel and stainless steel

All bushings have an O.D. of .701" to allow material for fitting to in-spec slides

The Radial Bore is offered in either .579", .580", .581" or .582" I.D.s requiring little to no fitting to your barrel.

Because the Radial Bore design is free pivoting, you don't have to hand scrape, grind or machine a bushing relief to prevent barrel springing

The Bunker Arms Radial Bore Bushing features a .125" thick flange with a machined Carry Bevel

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