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HD-804 Safety Plunger Depressor

Thumb Safety Plunger Depressor Tool

We're bringing back our take on an old favorite - the Harrison Design Thumb Safety Plunger Depressor Tool. Use this tool to depress the plunger for the thumb safety, when reinstalling the safety and take no chance of scratching up your frame or launching the plunger into the middle of next week, like you might with an improvised tool. This small tool belongs in everyone's range bag, cleaning kit, work bench and tool kit.

New design features thumb rest for improved control, Hang-Up hole and thicker paddle section. Made in day-glow orange, so you won't "lose it" on your workbench. Packaged in clear shipping tube to protect it in your range bag.

See the four pictures on this page, showing the 1911 for use.

1) Push plunger assembly into plunger tube until you encounter spring force

2) Install thumb safety shaft into frame and lug into "kidney-shaped" window, aligning safety with plunger as shown in second picture

3) Insert HD-804 paddle into space between frame and back side of thumb safety

4) Push straight in with HD-804 to fully compress plunger spring, while pushing in on thumb safety and wiggling it until plunger  is caught by front edge of thumb safety.

5) Continue to wiggle and push in on thumb safety while withdrawing the HD-804. When the HD-804 is clear of the safety, the safety will move in to seat fully against frame.


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