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HSC-01 Slide Fixture

HS Custom Slide Holding Fixture

This versatile fixture allows you to have that "third hand" to mount a 1911 slide in your bench vise in a variety of positions and angles. The HSC-01 gives you a flexible method to position your slide so you can do a number of hand operations with one hold instead of clamping, working, re-clamping and working some more. It's an instant Fav for doing Carry Bevel work and Metal Prep prior to Bluing. Do final clean up to serrations with ease.

To mount, just slip the HSC-01 into the front of your slide aligning the key with the flat-sided section just below the barrel bore, giving a solid center position. Two set screws finish the job.

NOTE- Not recommended for use in your milling machine! DON'T DO IT!

Designed and manufactured by Dustin Housel, owner of HS Custom.

The HSC-01 makes the perfect companion to the Yost/Harrison frame holding fixture. 

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