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S&W "E" Series 1911TA Install...
Let me start by saying that my experience with John Harrison has been a pleasure from start to finish. I had a few concerns before I purchased the kit to install in a S&W1911TA. I emailed John late on Tuesday and had a response by Wednesday morning. He replies to my questions were thoughtful and well articulated. I had a couple of follow up questions that were also thoughtfully answered within a hour of being sent.

I promptly ordered this kit along with his "long" trigger, hammer strut/pin combo, and leaf spring to replace the MIM JUNK they put in the Smith to keep the initial costs under $1400.

I was absolutely amazed to find my package arrived 2 days after I place my order! I didnt pay any special shipping, just a extremely reasonable shipping charge that was around 5 bucks. John really is a class act but let me get to the parts review...

The hammer, sear, and disconnect arrive in a nice package carefully seperated as not to rub or mar against each other during shipping. The parts were of the highest quality Ive ever seen at any price. The hammer had all its edges beveled to the point of looking almost jewel quality. The sear was simply amazing with a mirror polished primary and breakaway angel. The disconnect was polished and proportioned perfectly to almost eliminate trigger slack/takeup. I now have zero trigger slack, spongyness, takeup or what ever else you want to call it. I originally had close to a 1/4 inch of take up thanks in part to a poorly fitted disconnect. The trigger worked stock but felt like a cheap toy. The new sear and disconnect "snick" with reassuring authority.

The hammer didn't require any stoning or attention, it just dropped right in. I STRONGLY suggest you buy the hammer strut/pin combo John offers because the old one is impossible to remove and John's part has got to the be nicest strut Ive seen in years *I also reviewed this part*.
The sear and disconnect were also a drop in affair. I did have to adjust the sear spring to get a lighter pull than I originally obtained. They all (sear spring) require tweaking out of the box * I also reviewed this part*

I now have a ROCK SOLID, creep free trigger with ZERO overtravel thanks to Johns amazing trigger * I also reviewed this part*. The trigger initially broke at 4.75 # but after tweaking the leaf spring slightly I was able to obtain a constant 3.65 # trigger that feels like the proverbial "Glass Rod". Thanks again John, and I encourage everyone thinking of purchasing this kit to also purchase the hammer stru/pin combo, leaf/sear spring, and trigger as these parts work in harmony.
From: | Date: 3/17/2013 2:33 PM
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Colt Commander Improvement
This ignition set w/True Radius Sear was truly a drop in for me, a novice with 1911s.  I studied many videos, studied bench manuals, order the parts from John Harrison and did my first ever ignition upgrade on a handgun.  The job was easy, and the results are outstanding!  The gun is crisp and precise.....  It's like a different gun!
Had a bit of difficulty getting the hammer strut attached.  Seems the pin was too "oversized" - finally used the original pin.  Also, the thumb safety needed to be fit to the new parts - an easy job for some, but it took me awhile.  I did get an excellent fit with excellent results.
From: | Date: 10/22/2013 8:15 PM
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Colt Commander Improvement #2
I failed to mention in my review, above, that John Harrison was there whenever I had questions and even e-mailed detailed instructions of what I needed to do and how to do them to complete my upgrade!  His parts perform perfectly and I soon will add a single side safety and slide stop.  Have been back to the range and after another 300 rounds the gun performs and performs - all due to this ignition set, hammer, and John's guidance.  It doesn't get better than this.....
From: | Date: 10/27/2013 8:49 AM
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