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High Quality Part
I orded this strut along with John's ignition kit. All the parts I received look just like the ones in the photos. Very high quality with some of the best polishing Ive seen to date. The strut is designed very well. I could hear my old strut rubbing inside the main spring housing towards the end of the stroke. This strut eliminated the sound and really smoothed out the hammer travel from full cock to the fired positon. You can really "feel" this when you cock the hammer with your thumb. The hammer feels very very smooth throughout its entire range.
From: | Date: 3/22/2013 8:29 AM
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Really astonding quality compared to all other premuim brands!
what more can I say!
From: | Date: 5/19/2015 10:26 PM
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HD-125-B Don't Skimp
If you buy a HD ignition set or hammer and don't but this strut, you're a fool.  Comparing it to other hammer struts is like comparing a race care to an old, communist state-built, Soviet car.  If you have a blued gun and hammer, get the black dlc, because it looks cooler.
From: | Date: 9/23/2020 6:12 PM
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