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very satisfied
I installed these parts along with the ss hammer strut and Colt sear spring the day they arrived in my new Springfield Range Officer 9mm. I had to do some minor fitting on the thumb safety but that was it. The pistol, AFTER I cleaned up the original fire control parts, and before the Harrison parts,had a pull of 6.3 pounds. Worst trigger in our safe that isn't double action. Once the Harrison parts were installed and function/safety checked, the pull dropped by 2 pounds to 4.3 without touching the sear spring. Today I received my new Smith and Alexander mag guide and some new magwell grips. I installed with a 23lb. mainspring replacing the ILS system. Voila! The pull is now 3.5 lbs. with a crisp. clean break and short reset, again without touching the sear spring. I still need to adjust the takeup but I'll wait until the pistol is fully broken in.
Going to install my Dawson F/O front sight tomorrow then off to the range Sunday for zero and break in!
I am very pleased with the Harrison parts and the fast shipping. I'm sure I will be back for more after this experience.
From: | Date: 3/4/2016 7:52 PM
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Almost too pretty to install
The quality, fit, finish and function of these parts are the best I've ever seen. Installation was painless, but I did install a new safety at the same time which obviously needed to be fitted. The feel of the trigger new is better than any I have felt. I will eventually be installing in all my guns. Thanks for the great product and service John!
From: | Date: 3/28/2017 1:57 PM
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Great Ignition Set
I ordered this set for my Colt Stainless Competition. The sear was beautifully polished with the secondary angle cut. I installed the parts as is, and had to fit my thumb safety. I checked, but didn’t need to adjust my stock sear spring. The trigger pull is now a crisp 3.5# with almost no creep and no hammer follow. I’m very pleased, and the hammer looks great.
From: | Date: 11/9/2023 8:53 PM
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Virtually Perfect
This ignition set was going to be installed in a Springfield 3" EMP. With all the ignition parts installed I will need to adjust the safety fit with the sear. Until I get a new replacement safety, I just installed the factory sear and disconnector. Overall, the fit and finish is great on all the components. When using a 10x loupe I can see the sear edge that rides on the hammer is perfect, and the corresponding face on the hammer is also virtually perfect. There is the ever so slight surface roughness on the half-cock ramp, but this is only noticeable under a 10x loupe. The components should last a lifetime or two lifetimes. The serrations on the hammer are great and will grip into the beavertail ever so slightly when cocking one handed but is a non-issue with functionality. The sear and the disconnector are solid beautifully machined pieces that I will have zero worries about. I also opted for the new hammer strut and colt sear to finish it all out.
  The hammer strut is solid, superbly finished, and once installed on the hammer enabled me to swap out all the ignition components quickly. The Colt sear spring is blued and much easier to tune than the factory Springfield sear spring. The ease of tuning the Colt sear spring makes it a worthwhile purchase.
  The factory hammer and strut are one gram heavier than Harrison’s stainless hammer and strut.
From: | Date: 3/27/2024 11:56 AM
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