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My Sig 1911 Tacops is now a Blackops!
I ordered this black trigger for three reasons -

1. I have small hands and I needed the "short" trigger to reduce the length of pull.

2.  Triggers that have a screw adjustable overtravel adjustment have been known to come out of adjustment and, if the screw turns the wrong way, can stop the gun from firing when the trigger is pulled.  This HD trigger has a stud that cannot move once the overtravel is adjusted.  The face of this trigger is smooth with no hole for the adjustment screw and I find that the lack of the hole is a lot more comfortable in use.

3.  The Sig Tacops has a silver trigger and hammer.  This trigger gives me the black trigger I wanted and I blackened the hammer.

This made my Tacops a BLACKOPS!

The trigger installed easily.  I watched a few videos on the web and learned how to do the dis-assembly and install.  After the few minor adjustments (file or sand the top and/or bottom of the trigger shoe to precisely fit your individual gun), the trigger is very smooth and does not wiggle in the gun.  The takeup is short and the letoff is crisp and sharp.

I highly recommend this trigger (or any of the Harrison Design triggers) for any 1911 owner.  It WILL improve the use of your gun.
From: | Date: 4/11/2013 10:38 PM
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Awesome Trigger!!!
This trigger is awesome!!! I installed this on my Colt Rail Gun that came with a longer than usual long trigger and it is definetely an upgrade for me! I have about medium size hand and this allows me to reduce the length of pull and able to shoot with gloves with ease. I customize my 1911s for combat use not competition so I will get 2 more of these trigger, 1 more short trigger for my Colt M1991A1 and 1 medium for my Springfield Range Officer Compact. by far the BEST trigger I ever got not to mention good looks too.
Highly recommended!
From: | Date: 12/28/2015 7:46 PM
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Nice smooth shorty
Love the smooth face and look. Only draw back is the DLC coating is not done as well on aluminum. Will scratch or chip easy, 0000 steel wool will remove the black/gray DLC. If it was black anodized, would be the way to go. Hint Hint John ;-)

Thanks for your feedback. I have discussed finish options with various involved parties and have looked at anodizing. The problem with anodizing is that you can only anodize the aluminum shoe and that has to be done before the bow is staked on. The likelihood of the shoe getting scratched during the crimping process is pretty high and there is no acceptable way to touch up anodizing that isn't an obvious touch up, which wouldn't be satisfactory. I have worked out a pretty simple fitting modification that I will write up instructions for which should help with the situation.
From: | Date: 5/14/2016 1:46 AM
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Good trigger
Good trigger. I like the smooth front face; much more comfortable to shoot and one reason I went with this trigger instead of anyone elses. My girlfriend once (somehow) cut her finger on the hole for the adjustment screw on my old trigger.
I like the way it looks.
I like that it was oversized; I fit it with jewelers files and the trigger has no vertical wriggle whatsoever.

I have two complaints.
First is that the finish seems to be pretty fragile.
Second is that the overtravel screw was too long for my gun. It seemed to have some sort of thread locker holding it in place and I stripped the head of it trying to adjust it. I wound up taking a dremel and grinding it down to fit it to size. It was a little frustrating when the screw head stripped out, but at least I know it's not going anywhere.

Overall, I like the trigger and I don't regret my decision to buy it at all.

Thanks for your review. Please see the review above regarding the durability of the DLC finish on the shoe. As to the screw, it's intentionally locked in place and is supposed to be filed to fit. I'm glad you like the trigger otherwise!
From: | Date: 3/23/2017 5:04 PM
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Yet again, a great product.
Harrison Custom has become my go-to source for 1911 parts. This latest trigger is one more in a long line of quality parts.  Excellent quality all around with trouble free fitting.
From: | Date: 1/5/2024 6:57 PM
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