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.200" Snake Sights for Colt Python, Anaconda -w- HD rear

These sights are packaged in sets of front sight and rear blade and fit 2020 and newer Current Production Colt Pythons, Anacondas models. These sights do not fit any of the original Pythons made 1955 to 1999.

To make fast, accurate shots you need to be able to pick up your front sight quickly and then accurately center it in the rear notch. Firing accurate shots requires you to be able to see the sights quickly and sharply.  A number of improvements have been made to our Snake Sights that other sights are lacking. Chief among these improvements are modifications to bring more daylight into the sight picture. Part of this comes from an increase in the height of both the front and rear Snake Sights.  Snake Sights must be used together as a front and rear set to keep your elevation zeroed and to gain the best sight picture possible. The rear element is a re-engineered and improved sight blade to be fitted to the original rear sight body. Because of this the HD Snake Sights will be packaged in sets of front sights and rear sight blades.

To see the installation instructions, please scroll to the bottom row to "Installing Snake Sights"

Picture of Fiber Optic Rods (3 Pack)

Fiber Optic Rods (3 Pack)


Red or Green Fiber Optic Rods, 1mm x 2" long