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YOST-001 Front Sight Blank - Novak D/T

Ted Yost Gold Line Front Sight Blank


Due to the increased cost of gold over the last few years, a small price increase has been necessary.

NOTE- This part is a Sight Blank, not a finished front sight.

I have fielded a lot of requests from customers over the years looking for a front sight with a gold line, like the one that Ted Yost makes. I always refer them to Ted because I consider that design to be a Ted Yost trademark. I respect Ted and his work and have always declined to copy someone else design that I consider to be one of their trademarks.

Now we have a way to satisfy those requests. Ted Yost has graciously agreed to make his famous gold line sight available through Harrison Design in the form of a "sight blank". A sight blank is a partially finished front sight that is left too tall. You or your gunsmith can fit it to your pistol, then shorten the height and cut the front corner radius to zero your pistol, then blue it.

The sight blank has a "Novak" pattern dovetail (.330" x .075" x 65°) and the blade is .250" tall and .125" wide. The gold line is filled with 24 carat yellow gold. Note that the gold line is serrated, along with the rest of the ramp, so it is not a mirror-shiny gold line, like you may be used to seeing with gold beads. When you prep the sight for bluing, try not to bead blast directly onto the rear face of the blade as direct bead blasting will take away from the yellowish hue in the gold and make it more tan in color.



If bead blasting and bluing has darkened your gold line, you can try polishing the gold line with an eraser. It’s easier to do with the sight off of the slide and using a wedge-shaped eraser rather than one on a pencil. If you rub the blue off of the sight blade, use cold blue to color it back black again.

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